Works In Progress

Here at The Author Lab we’re all busy working on our latest books, whether that’s a novel, a collection of short stories or a non-fiction title.

Each week this blog will take a look at who’s writing what and we will share some of our thoughts and insights on the writing process. There will be Q&As with each author and discussions on everything from plot twists to cover design. And, as producing books is not always a stress-free affair, we’ll also share what we find most challenging about writing.

For now, here’s a quick look at what we will be producing this spring:

In April, Alexa Padgett will release her first novel, The Spirit Seducer. This title will be the first in Alexa’s Echo series. In May, she will also release a contemporary romance entitled Sweet Solace.

Isabel Dennis-Muir is busy working on short stories for her second collection as well as completing the first draft of her novel, Lost.

Patricia Averbach is working on the final draft of her second novel, New Moon (working title), whilst Amy Susan Brown is writing short stories and editing her middle-grade novello, Mormor’s Piano.

Alison Burnside is finishing editing her novel, The Lido and Lu Anne Stewart is working on the first draft of her novel about journalism, Digging.

Chris Paton is preparing LIFE IS GOOD follow us, a non-fiction account of a family’s kayak adventure from Copenhagen to Istanbul, as well as finishing the Hanover & Singh series of Steampunk adventures.

Faye Brann has submitted her non-fiction work There’s No Place Like Home to publishers, and is working on the first draft of her novel The Soul Collector.

Deana Luchia is preparing to send her non-fiction book about dogs off to publishers, whilst finishing the first draft of her second novel, One In The Morning (working title).

We will all be sharing more details about these books on this blog but please feel free to contact us about these titles or anything at all you read on The Author Lab. We look forward to your comments and we hope you’re inspired to read our work.



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