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Progress – it feels like such a relative term compared to the sheer number of projects I have on the go, not to mention the ones I am dreaming about. For every project I complete, three more pop up, and I have a chronic condition that seems to prevent me from saying “no” to other people’s ideas about how best I can spend my time writing.

However, that is not the case with Life is Good follow us: A family kayak odyssey 7,300 km from Copenhagen to Istanbul. Writing the book about the epic journey undertaken by my friends Lars and Suzi, and their two children, was always my idea. However, I am very nearly finished, and on the 22nd June, 2016, the kindle version of the book will be available for download.I used Lars’ Danish expedition diaries to write the book, and I learned a lot in the process. For example, I now know that I really like 1,500 word chapters, that extensive notes make writing faster, that proof readers are indispensable – thanks, Isabel – but that having too many can be problematic, and that my English suffers a little these days because of my Danish. I also learned that it is tough to write and edit a 90,000 word book when employed as a full-time teacher at a boarding school, and when planning for a 3 month Yukon River canoeing expedition that starts in – quick look at calendar – oh, 20 days time. Hence the preliminary title of the mock-up book in the photo above: A journey of renewal through Canada and Alaska.

Lars and Suzi’s book, and the Yukon expedition book mark my first foray’s into the non-fiction genre, something I am excited about exploring with my full name Christopher Paton. However, my genre fiction works under the name of Chris Paton seriously need some attention. So, as soon as I get on the river, I’ll be scribbling Steampunk passages alongside my nature observations, while chilling out by the side of a campfire in the Yukon – the inspiration for my favourite author: Jack London.

Life, however, is indeed good.


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One thought on “Progress Update: Chris

  1. Very inspiring Chris – you are prolific in your writing and manage to finish projects, as well as start them – which, as I am sure we all find, is the tricky bit! Good luck with the next adventure :))


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