Progress and Plans

In the few months since we set up The Author Lab, we’ve all been very busy. Goals and deadlines have been met; books have been finished, edited and published; covers have been selected…and an awful lot of research, plotting and editing has been going on. And when one project ends, multiple new projects begin (it’s a rare writer who isn’t working on several ideas/stories at the same time). Here is a quick look at some of what we’re currently working on:

Sarah Acton is finishing up a third poetry pamphlet to publish early November, and is ready to restart an historical fiction manhunt thriller based on an infamous local smuggler.

Patricia Averbach is looking for a publisher for her novel, New Moon Rising. She is also polishing a 10,000 word memoir and trying to place a short story.

Amy Susan Brown is looking forward to the October publication of her short story, City of Dreams, in the Florida Writers’ Association anthology Hide and Seek, and as a finalist in the unpublished middle-grade fiction category of the FWA’s Royal Palm Literary Award with her novel, Mormor’s Piano, she is waiting to see if it garnered first, second or third prize: Amy is also aiming to make headway on a new YA novel set on the Mediterranean island of Malta, with plans to complete a first draft by fall 2017.

Alison Burnside is currently seeking representation for the The Lido Girls – her first completed novel (historical fiction). She is also researching her next novel which will be another historical novel – this one memoir – from the point of view of Agatha Christie’s best friend, culminating in Christie’s mysterious disappearance in 1926.

Isabel Dennis-Muir has completed around 50,000 words of her novel Lost (working title), aiming to get the first draft completed by end of November. Isabel is also working on another short story anthology, with the aim of having it ready for a first read-through by March.

Deana Luchia is aiming to finish the first draft of her second adult novel, Three in the Morning (working title), and first children’s novel, DJ Dad, by the end of the year.

Alexa Padgett has released Between Breaths, Book 2 in The Seattle Sounds series and is now well into the first draft of The Curse Of Kuskurza, which is scheduled for release in spring, 2017.  In October, she will release Demons 7 Ultimatums, a 10,000-word short story prequel in the Echo series, whilst November brings the release of Moonshine Eyes, another 10,000-word short story in The Seattle Sound series.  From January Alexa will release a new work every six weeks for the first half of the year with the first two months slated for Hold You Close and The Many Sounds Of Silence, Books 3 and 4 in The Seattle Sound series.

Chris Paton is busy finishing the first draft of The Starlighter – a middle grade science fiction story set in Fairbanks, Alaska and outer space. Chris is also working on Djinn: book 4 in the Hanover & Singh steampunk series; Gunpowder Witch – a flintlock fantasy book about which he is VERY excited, and an urban paranormal series under a pen name – to be revealed later.

Karen Ross is writing an historical fiction novel (a new genre for her) featuring Leonardo da Vinci, as well as working on the third book of a series she’s already published. This third book will be set in Italy.

Lu Anne Stewart is working on her journalism novel, Digging, and is hopeful of finishing the first draft by January, with a goal to have something to send out to agents by mid- 2017.

We’d love to hear your comments on what we’ve achieved so far…and please also let us know if there’s any particular aspect of writing you’d like us to blog on.


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