Halloween Fiction Week

Here at The Author Lab, we’re particularly keen on Halloween. After all, what better time to let our imaginations drift towards ghostly tales? With the nights drawing in and the temperature turning cold, October makes me want to both read and write about ghouls and cobwebs, creaking floorboards and unexplained ice-cold draughts that extinguish candles; to inhabit Gothic settings that are as thrilling as they are frightening…

Sometime this week, I aim to sit on my sofa, wrapped tight under a blanket and reread Daphne Du Maurier’s Rebecca, one of my all-time favourite books. Whilst the titular Rebecca never appears in the novel, the ghostly idea of her lingers menacingly, oppressively, on every page. And Mrs Danvers is the scariest character in any book I’ve read. Bar none. I love this book.

So, in celebration of this particularly atmospheric time of year, from now until the 31st we will be posting a piece of Halloween-inspired fiction a day.

We hope you enjoy what we’ve put together.

We’d also love to know what novel you’d rate as your all time scariest read. Drop us a line and let us know.


2 thoughts on “Halloween Fiction Week

  1. Me too. Absolutely love her writing. I scared myself so silly when I read Rebecca. I was a teenager and I thought she was a wonderful writer and then read everything. I need to reread all her novels.


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