Cross Promotion

Cross Promotion

Or, even better, Viral Marketing

by Alexa Padgett

You’ve heard those terms before, I’d bet. Viral marketing, or even word-of-mouth. Back in my day in biz school, we liked guerilla marketing. Well, I didn’t, but that’s a different story. The fact is, ALL these terms come down to one thing: people liking your product (in this case, a book) well enough to tell other people about it of their own volition.

That caveat—the of their own volition—that’s key to successful viral marketing. Because someone else just became invested in your book. Invested enough to start evangelizing it. Or, as they say in the romance realm, pimping your book.

That’s when sales take off. Why? Because you were given the biggest gift a business—or writer—can get. Happy customers. Thrilled ones, even. Customers who have appointed themselves to your sales army, unpaid and for no other purpose than they love your book.

Pretty stinking cool, eh?

But…viral marketing isn’t easy to do. “Catching lightening in a bottle,” my professor used to say. True—and annoying words. Not annoying because they’re wrong. Because they are right.

You can’t make people love your work. Sorry. That’s not the way of the world. You can only hope to match the right people to your work and eventually harness that flash of energy.

Can’t wait? Well, there is another option that’s good. Not as good as word-of-mouth, guerilla-style sales, but still very helpful to your bottom line. It’s called cross-promotion, or cross-promo.

What’s that? A cross-promotion is when you and another author, maybe two, talk up each other’s novels, typically via newsletter. But Facebook and Twitter work, too!

But there are some safety measures to this approach: 1. Never, ever cross-promote with an author you don’t read and 2. Make sure you ALWAYS follow up and follow through. Number one is imperative because if you don’t like the other writer’s work, neither will your readers. Their your readers for a reason. Following up and following through are best business practices. Doing so helps to keep you professional and thoughtful.

So…that’s it in a nutshell. Word-of-mouth is the best option for getting your work noticed, but cross-promotions can be effective, too.

Was this helpful? If so, drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you!

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