Slow Burn

by S.E Acton

I want to run ahead to this sunny place by the sea I’ve heard of, filled with days and days on end of dedicated research into myth and poetry and creative happenings, but this road I’m on is suddenly filled with potholes. In a dream I look down and notice that I’m not even wearing the right shoes, my feet are bare and cut up by stones. There are paths off to the left and right and I keep stumbling away from the straight road that would lead towards my writerly fulfilment.

Do you ever get this feeling?

Like you write steady with the little energy as you can sometimes muster thinking you’re ploughing on okay in a fashion, but it’s not enough to get anywhere because unless it’s everyday striving and more, it’s a diet that only stays on an equilibrium. Stasis. I’m looking up and nodding to myself, yes this road is long. A marathon. You can only keep going if you train harder, toughen up.

Well, I’ve been winging it for a while and attending training for my personal writing projects as and when suited me, but perhaps now it’s time for more vigor and intention. This is not a dress rehearsal for life, as they say.

More writing on the page, to practice what I teach…

Talking of teaching: on the plus side, I’ve started facilitating a series of monthly poetry workshops. I’ve never taught before or held a space, so it’s an interesting and challenging experience. I’m not following a set format, just my nose for what might stimulate and be useful to connect local poets like me to connect with nature and grow their poetry practice. So far it’s been a rich experience, trying to translate what I know about writing poetry into a structured a useful format. Looking critically at poets I love and unpacking the mastery to pass it on to help myself and others. It feels good, and I hope to grow my practice by helping others. Today we talked about the weather and internal and external weather patterns.

I wonder if positive action brings with it a pair of dream-trainers to get back on the road?


Sarah workshop


3 thoughts on “Slow Burn

  1. I totally agree. As someone who seems to put writing in at the end of my to do list as though it’s an afterthought, I think I need to shift things around a bit (a lot!). Wish I could join one of your poetry workshops. I think classes are the way to go to improve writing, which is what my blog will deal with next week.


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