Happy as Harry

After a few months of keeping things secret, I can finally announce my publishing deal. So…I am thrilled and very very excited to be able to talk about my new book: Happy as Harry, which Headline is publishing and which will be available in November.

This is a little book about happiness, written from my amazing dog Harry’s point of view. Assisted by his canine friends, Harry shares his tips on living a happy life. There are chapters on love, relationships, parenting, grief, work and having fun, with photos and illustrations of Harry, Dottie (my other fabulous dog), and lots of other gorgeous dogs we bump into on our walks.

I’ve only ever self-published a novel and so this traditional publishing process is all new to me and over the next few weeks I will try to share with you whatever I learn. To date, it has been a brilliant experience working with Headline. They are great at communicating and walking me through each step. What’s more, they all seem to love dogs, which is perfect.

Although I’ve been writing features for over 20 years, I’d never ever thought of writing a non-fiction book but I’m so very happy I gave it a whirl.




5 thoughts on “Happy as Harry

  1. Huge, wonderful news! You help us keep the faith in getting published one day. It could not have happened to a more deserving author, and your lifelong love affair with dogs–especially rescue dogs so in need of love–is finally going to have the audience it deserves. May it inspire the rescue of more dogs like Harry, and guide us all into living a happier life. I can’t wait for my copy to arrive in November.


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