Ta da! It’s my novel’s cover reveal

Until fairly recently, the whole idea of making a big deal of the unveiling of a novel’s cover was a new one on me. I appreciated that a cover was an important part of the overall package but I suppose I imagined that covers simply got uploaded, or went to print, along with the rest of the book. So, over the last few months I’ve watched with interest as publishers reveal covers on social media. I’ve found myself getting caught up in the excitement of being amongst the first to see the artwork and get a flavour of what the novel is all about. With my marketing head on, I began to see that it makes perfect sense to use the cover to build excitement and anticipation of the upcoming publication.

I’m really very taken with my cover, and I’ve found it a challenge to keep the artwork to myself. So for it to finally be ‘out there’ came as a relief. But the reveal was more than just a sharing exercise. It has helped me to begin the conversation with potential readers and book bloggers as well as other authors. There was plenty of chat and excitement about it on social media, admittedly a lot of it was mine, culminating in my phone overheating and presenting me with a blank screen at about 11pm. As I tried frantically to restart the phone, I began to wonder if it was pointing me towards a metaphor of some sort that I needed to interpret and heed. So, I went to bed and hoped that ‘get some sleep’ was the silent message being transmitted.

Waking up today it seemed as though the reveal had been a success and, I’m happy to report, my phone switched on at the first time of asking. Pre-orders had been placed and the Amazon ranking had risen, and most exciting of all, I could now hear the whir of the machinery; the countdown to the launch is underway. Next stop 2nd October.

And here it is….

The Lido Girls_FINAL

The Lido Girls is available to pre-order from Amazon.

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2 thoughts on “Ta da! It’s my novel’s cover reveal

  1. The cover looks fabulous Alison and indeed whets the appetite for the engrossing narrative that no doubt lies within the pages; a bit like seeing the poster to an upcoming much anticipated movie 🙂


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