A poet in our midst

by Isabella Muir

There is another member of The Author Lab who has had a fascinating twelve months. Sarah Acton is the poet in our writers’ collective and she has been busy!

Over the summer she was the poet in residence for the Jurassic Coast, where in her words she spent time…

roaming the coastpaths, beaches and cliffs for inspiration, crafting words to connect with the beauty, wild spirit and cultural resonance of this stunning and ancient land.

Sarah also ran a series of poetry workshops.  I attended the first of the Black Ven poetry workshops and found it completely inspiring.  She facilitated with confidence, professionalism, and warmth.  Her knowledge and appreciation of poetry really shone through, as did her passion.  It was evident from the way that everyone responded that they got so much more from the session than they may have expected – as did I.

I am certain we will be hearing more about Sarah’s poetry as she explores her certain talent.  I, for one, am looking forward to it!

image1 (2) (1)


3 thoughts on “A poet in our midst

  1. thank you for this blog, dear friend, Isabel!! Such kind words. I am so grateful you were at that first workshop, I was terrified, and now equally amazed that they are still going strong nine months later! xxx


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