Chris Paton

British by default, Chris Paton has English and Welsh parents, and a Scottish surname. But it is his Welsh heritage – something about dragons – that seems to drive Chris’ writing. Graduating from Falmouth University in 2015, Chris has a Master of Arts in Professional Writing, and a couple of other degrees that help pay the bills. Chris writes science fiction and fantasy books, together with articles and books about adventure, expeditions and nature. His favourite books to read include any genre with a bit of magic, giant squids and spaceships. Chris is a teacher by profession and a canoeist by choice. He lives in Denmark with his wife, Jane, and hopes to spend more time writing and even more time paddling wild rivers somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere.

Chris writes fantasy fiction as Chris Paton, crime and thriller novels as Christoffer Petersen, and – because two names are not enough – non-fiction outdoor writing as Christopher Paton.

New Release!

Writing as Christoffer Petersen, The The Ice Star is the first in my Greenland Trilogy of crime thrillers set in Greenland.

The Ice Star was published on January 26th, 2017.