Foday Mannah


Foday Mannah hails from Sierra Leone where he studied English Language and Literature. He worked as a school teacher and part-time lecturer before migrating to the United Kingdom in 1997.  Foday has an interest in creative writing and contributed the short story Malaika to the 2015 anthology Dating Games, edited by Deana Luchia.

Foday’s writing draws inspiration from his African background, whilst also exploring experiences of people in the diaspora. Within this context, themes including race, gender, conflict and identity often feature prominently.

Foday currently lives in Scotland where he is employed as a high school teacher of English. He graduated from Stirling University with an Msc in International Conflict and Cooperation and from Falmouth University with an MA in Professional Writing. In his spare time, he enjoys dabbling in both prose and poetry.

He is currently working on a novel set amidst civil conflict in an imaginary African country.  Further inspiration and ideas are provided by his other half Cynthia, and his daughters Tanaka and Mandipa J.

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