by Foday Mannah

Valuable heads to think with, to remedy, to inspire
A metaphor for leaders: strong, responsible, able
Heads in the right direction, diligent and stable
A nod or a shake; the right to comply or disagree

Heads festooning currency notes, enabling them to acquire
Coloured pieces of paper, hoarded and sequestered
The vagaries of a coin toss: heads they win, tails we lose
Hair ripped out, other follicles assume greyness

Heads over heels, an anathema for us
Heads bowed, broken, battered, bludgeoned
Head scratching, flummoxed perpetually
No head lice, instead siphoned by human parasites

Heads bald from the stress of hunger and penury
Hands on heads, weighed down for leaden centuries
Heads on stakes, loped off and garishly displayed
Headless we grope in polite pandemonium