Sarah Acton

Sarah ActonSarah Acton is the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site poet-in-residence, working with local organisations and museums along the 95 miles of Jurassic coast and 185 million years, to produce site-responsive work inspired by the living landscape and earth history.

Sarah also runs poetry workshops, walks and an open mic night in East Devon and West Dorset under the name Black Ven Poetry. Black Ven is Europe’s largest mudslide, and sits between Lyme Regis and Charmouth beach. It’s famous for its rich ammonite and other fossil deposits as the cliff naturally erodes and slips into the sea.

Sarah is passionate about connecting with the land, myths, poetry, story and studying the bardic tradition to develop her poetry practice.

You can find Sarah’s poetry blog here:


Twitter: @TheSeatonist

Soundcloud: sarahacton

Soundcloud: sarahacton